New Greeting and Note Cards

Happy New Year! We have exciting news, and I’ll repeat much of what I had in a previous holiday post, just so you don’t miss it… New to Margy Gates Art – a beautiful line of note cards and greeting cards! Four beautiful Margy Gates images have been re-created into lovely greeting cards — 5 1/2“w x 4”h, packaged in sets of 8, tied with string, and polished off with a small shell which was hand-picked from the beaches of Mexico or the Caribbean. You can get 8 of the same image, or a mixed set that contains 2 cards of each image. Sets are available for $15.00 each, plus tax and shipping. (Note: If you are local to the Oxnard area and want to avoid shipping costs, drop us a note at and we can arrange to get them to you.) The 4 images are: – The Californian at Anacapa Island – Kelp Dancers – Savu Savu Sunset – Passage of the Pilot Whales We also have

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