Costa Rica beach coast watercolor painting Margy Gates

Holiday in Costa Rica

This watercolor, painted on location en plein air, involved the usual outdoor strategies. First, one finds a shady place to sit down (this spot was in the sand, and had ants, but they mostly ignored me). Then, one addresses the issue of what objects are available for composition within 180 degrees or so, which is about as far as my head turns. After that, hopefully, the art begins. The trees were the main focus; the people arrived later. That is how things go.

Original watercolor

Holiday in Costa Rica – 30″w x 22″h, $250 Buy Now Button
Holiday in Costa Rica – 22″w x 16″h, $170 Buy Now Button
Holiday in Costa Rica – 15″w x 11″h, $80   Buy Now Button
Holiday in Costa Rica – 10″w x 7″h, $35     Buy Now Button

Copyright Margy Gates. All rights reserved.
Available as giclee.


Fine art giclée prints from watercolors & acrylics, with a focus on ocean and island life.

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