Thanks for a Fabulous Farewell Party!

The party at Sea Gate Art Gallery and Studio on Sunday October 25th was lots of fun, as those of you who were there are aware!

Starting at 4pm and winding up somewhere around 9, people came and went, or stayed to visit, sipped wine and lemonade, munched on cookies and some of the higher-class appetizers friends had brought (thank you Judy, Alice, and Natalie!) A few people wisely wandered through the gallery to the beach and enjoyed the wonderful sunset. To top it off, the moon gave us a huge showing.

In the latter part of the evening friend John brought out his guitar, and he and I and Michelle sang Beatles songs and other un-rehearsed stuff and had a nice time tucked in one of the gallery’s tiny corners. A lot of people bought art, and Margy was thrilled to see so many of her originals, prints, ceramics and even a few posters go to good homes. A lot of people mentioned that they’d had their eye on a particular piece for a long time, and with the energy of the night, and the 20% discount, the time had come! We had a lot of smiles.

I, as daughter, with a cherished houseful of my mother’s art, found myself unable to resist two originals that I have also coveted for some time. I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous watercolor image of a banana palm in a rich, cantaloupe background, as well as a piece painted at my brothers’ house in France. My living room is alive with these new arrivals.

We want to send a huge thank you to everyone who came and visited, reminisced, bought stuff, and just shared their time. It was a great reunion of old friends and clients, and a nice way to see Margy into the next phase of her professional career in her private home studio, and as the Main Event on her new website.

On a final note: I once heard an announcement over the Public Address System in the ferry terminal in Wellington, New Zealand that said “This is the final, final call for the ferry to Picton!” As if to say, “No really! This time we mean it!” So, somewhat along those lines, Margy got a 2-week reprieve from her landlady and now the final, final closing date is November 15th. And so for those of you who did not make it to her gallery to buy that thing you’ve wanted for a long time, you do have a second chance. She’ll be there sporadically in the next few weeks and is planning one more casual evening soirée — mainly because there is still wine, and plates and napkins, not to mention art, so why not? Date to be decided very soon, I’ll send word.

Thanks again for your support and friendship,


Margy and musician/photographer/neighbor/friend John
Margy and friend, musician, photographer, and neighbor John.
Alison and matching art!
Mac and Lynn show off their new acquisition.
Mac and Lynn show off their new acquisition.

Fine art giclée prints from watercolors & acrylics, with a focus on ocean and island life.

One thought on “Thanks for a Fabulous Farewell Party!

  1. Hi Margy!,
    Congratulations on closing the gallery and moving on to a new chapter in your long and interesting life. I hope now that you have some free time on your hands that you will consider coming to visit for a week in Abiquiu.
    I miss you and look forward to our next visit!
    Love always!

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