Welcome to MargyGatesArt.com!

Welcome to Margy Gates Art.com!

We are thrilled to introduce Margy’s new website with all of it’s beautiful features, including actual PayPal buttons. You can now buy a limited edition, high quality, fine art giclee print by Margy Gates Art in various sizes, and within about 3 weeks, have it delivered to your doorstep!

All prints are sold unframed. Because of the complexity and personal nature of selecting mats and frames, and because shipping a framed print with glass is expensive, we’ve opted to let you work directly with your favorite framer and thereby get exactly what you want.

This site is one of the formats offered by WordPress.com, and is, in essence, a blog. The main purpose of the site is to showcase Margy’s art, and make the giclee prints and her books available for sale, but here in the blog section we can add news and highlights, post new art that we’ve added to the site, and in general just keep you up to date on what’s happening in Margy’s life and with her art.

In the future, we will add a Boat Portrait section that will show custom paintings she has done for proud boat owners and will explain the process. We also hope to have photographs of past work Margy has done, including some ceramics, which will be available for viewing in the Gallery. And a very exciting future development is the Originals page that will make exclusive, original works of art available for sale.

So what, besides this new website, is happening?

Those of you who know her and/or have followed the blogspot.com site know that in February of 2015 Margy broke her hip in a fall on a very hard marble floor in the SeaTac airport in Washington, and had a rather long but interesting stay in the Seattle area during her initial rehab. She returned home in May, and is moving pretty well by now, and although physical therapy continues, she’s back at her T’ai Chi Chih classes, walking as much as she can, and of course, painting.

Margy’s Sea Gate Art Gallery and Studio on Hollywood Beach in Oxnard, CA, is in the final stages of closing after many years, and the move has been a tremendous effort on her part, with help from many friends. In the future she will work in her home studio, or en plein air – painting on site – as she loves to do.

Thanks for visiting the site, and we hope that you check back in regularly as we update the blog, add new work to the site, and continue to develop MargyGatesArt.com

Alison Gates Gabel

Fine art giclée prints from watercolors & acrylics, with a focus on ocean and island life.

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