MayDay and Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

Margy has a good excuse. On her way back to Southern California from finishing up on her book on the Channel Islands, she fell and injured her hip at the Sea-Tac Airport. She’s currently in rehab in Washington State and will be coming back south to finish her rehab when she is able.

In her absence, three of her Hollywood Beach buddies are banding together to cover for her to keep the Sea Gate Art Gallery open. She had disconnected the land line there, so if you have her cell number, please give her a call with your get well wishes.

Signed copies of her Salish Sea book are at her gallery at the end of Harbor Boulevard, next to the world-famous Rudder Room as well as the Maritime Museum which is also on Harbor.

Please leave a comment on this blog post so she can see your good wishes for a speedy recovery. She’s a local treasure with a world-wide reputation.

Fine art giclée prints from watercolors & acrylics, with a focus on ocean and island life.

2 thoughts on “MayDay and Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

  1. Margy, you lovely, lovely woman, sorry to hear about your fall. What a bummer!

    Please listen to the rehab personnel, and follow their directions.

    The Channel Islands Harbor is empty without your presence. Hurry back. We miss you!

    Lots of Love as always,

    Tim Naegele

  2. I went by the gallery this afternoon, and no one was there. Also, I went in the Maritime Museum, and most of the artwork near the reception desk was very inferior to that of Margy.

    I told them that Margy's art was wonderful, and that she was an “institution” in the harbor. It would be great to have some of her art hanging there.

    Food for thought.

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