Site-Wide Price Reductions at Margy Gates Art

August 2016 brings really REALLY good news for anyone shopping for fine art giclées. After great deliberation we have decided to reduce prices site-wide on ALL giclée prints. In some cases price reductions are over 50%!

Why? Because Margy has been painting for over 60 years, and has reached a point in her life where she wants more people to have access to art. This leaves no excuse to not own a Margy Gates today! For example – our best deal is her 7×10 prints, which have been reduced to a mere $35. When framed, a 7×10 print is more like 17×20 — the perfect size for small spaces, dorm rooms, and boats, just to name a few.

Margy’s subject matter varies from ocean to mountain, from the Channel Islands to the French countryside, from the ubiquitous image of laundry drying on the line in the Fiji Islands to a unique and colorful view of Ojai Rooftops. Never stuck in a rut, her style changes throughout the decades, she is never bored, and never stops trying new things. The collection available on this site spans a time period of about 1985 to the present, and more images will be added as time goes by both from the past and from work she is currently producing.

So, we are confident there is something for almost everyone here, and with the new pricing we hope you find just the perfect print for your home, office, or for a very special and unique gift.

Before summer ends, or to remind you of its’ special-ness all year round — check out some of the ocean/beach/summer-themed images:

* Summer at Leo Carrillo, currently our home page feature, rich in detail and full of happy summer activities;

* Surfer, a watercolor rendition of a spectacular wave, with a tiny surfer wrapped in the curl;

* Kubulau Beach, a beautiful painting of the beach in front of the Fiji home Margy and her  family owned for 40 years;

* Memories of a Tropical Morning, another image compiled from the 40 years of memories in Fiji;

* Luki Mim, painted on Isla Mujeres, Yucatan in 1985


For locals in the Ventura County area, check out these:

* The Californian at Anacapa, a painting full of movement and grace, depicting California’s official Tall Ship, the Californian, as she passes under full sail past the beautiful Anacapa Arch;

* Calm Harbor at Santa Cruz Island, an image anyone who has anchored for an hour or a week at our beautiful Channel Islands can eternally identify with;

* Lighthouse South, a fabulous painting of Channel Islands’ iconic lighthouse in Fishermans Wharf;

* View from Channel Islands Park, the name says it all – a peaceful view of the marina from the rocks along the edge. You feel as if you’re perched with the seagulls and can feel the warm, salty air.

There are more! I had to stop because I realized I might exceed even my attention span if I went on, but please have fun perusing the website. If you have any questions about any image – it’s story, it’s history – please feel free to contact me at and either I or Margy will attempt to fill in the details.

Thanks again for your continued support.

Alison Gates Gabel and Margy Gates

Fine art giclée prints from watercolors & acrylics, with a focus on ocean and island life.

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